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    Description: 5837 KB; QuickMarQ; Multimedia Design; MacHouse; Video

    ➤ QuickMarQ.1.1.2.zip

    QuickMarQ: whether you want to protect it from unauthorized use or just want to display a credit note, watermarking a movie file is never easy. It's just a tedious task. Especially, if you have more than one movie file to watermark... QuickMarQ makes such task very simple. QuickMarQ allows the user to create any number of watermark presets. Want to make the watermark track flipped vertically, horizontally or keyed? No problema nada... Whether you have 10 or 100 movies to watermark, simply choose one of the presets you have created and apply it to them. Don't spend more than 10 seconds applying the same watermark label to a dozen movie files.

    Updated version QuickMarQ-ver-3.1.2-UE5RnY.dmg (6187 KB)
    on 10.12.4 5rcYQY.QuickMarQ.1.3.2.app (6712 KB)
    Best Mojave QuickMarQ.ver..2.1.2.JNaY9X.tar.gz (5019 KB)
    New on iMac QuickMarQ_vers.1.4.2_bNb.dmg (6362 KB)
    Featured to 10.14.2 vers.1.1.3_QuickMarQ_PRPYkN.zip (5311 KB)
    New! version 0tqei-vers-1.2.2-QuickMarQ.pkg (5136 KB)

    Official site: http://www.mhvt.net/quicktime/eng/quickmarq.php

    Recomended! version HZMI.EYESPY.VERS.2.5.6.DMG 2.1.0
    Recomended! version SimpleMovieX_ver_5.13_2ZTXB.zip 3.17
    Recomended iMac Pro SPARKLE-VER-1.10-38ULBW.DMG 1.11
    Best 10.14.2 ver-1.2-The-Legend-Of-Atlantis-R7l.app 1.3
    Best 10.13.4 Saferoom.ver.1.9.c0PpK.app 3.8

    [5428 kb] Free 9NT VERSION 1.1.5 QUICKMARQ 1.1.3 Recomended iMac
    [6829 kb] Download QuickMarQ version 1.1.4 pNPugz 1.4.2 Version on MacBook
    [4727 kb] Get VER 1.1.6 QUICKMARQ XNVRQ 2.1.2 New for iMac Pro

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